Our desire is to PLANT seeds of faith, GROW in our relationship with God and others, and join in the HARVEST as we love and serve God and our neighbors.



Baptism 2018

If you have made the decision to SAY YES to Jesus and would like the be baptized, click on the image to the left and then answer the questions on the page and hit SUBMIT. We will take it from there! We are excited that you made this important decision and look forward to hearing your story of SAYING YES TO JESUS!  



Following our call to be healthy and missional, we are now embarking on year seven of that journey! On Sunday, August 5, we will begin a 7-week series on the 7-churches in the book of Revelation. Marking the beginning of our year-seven together, this series will help remind us who we are called to be as the church, and as individuals that make up the body of Christ desiring God to transform us into who He is calling us to be!


WORSHIP WITH US ON sunday at 9:30aM

Come as you are, dress up or dress down. You will find a welcoming atmosphere where you can learn about faith in God at your own pace. We have steps to help you along in your journey - we'll share them with you and answer any of your questions.

What we're all about

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Jesus used the illustration of a seed as God’s Word planted in the hearts and minds of people. Our mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus and invite people to follow Jesus.

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Our desire is to be closer to God and others in community; encouraging and challenging, depending on and supporting each other in our journey together with Jesus.

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We seek to partner with Christ, knowing we are sent into the world to love and serve God and others, inviting friends, family and neighbors to join us as we follow Jesus.


Visiting Zion for the first time?

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